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In this video you will get introduced to the One Funnel Away Challenge and for whom it is made. Obviously this ONE challenge is not like a typical course, neither this video is like your typical review. I take you through the members area and show you all the cool stuff and training that you will get access to when you sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge. Short Intro One Funnel Away is a 30 day challenge created by Russell Brunson (CEO of Clickfunnels), Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen (Coaches of the 2 Comma Club) They take you by the hand every step of the way in a 30 day journey, where you are introduced to the concept of sales funnels and why they are so important. Why the concept of Hook, Story And Offer will change your selling process once and for all?!

How you can go ahead and create your own digital products from scratch?! And How you can make your very first money online (like many other I saw did) as a complete beginner when you launch your first funnel?! Apart from this, a GOLD IN THE BOX opportunity to become a part of Funnel Hackers community and start networking with all the Funnel Hackers. The transformation you go through during these 30 days is worth a lot more than what they ask from you. Not even 1% of the worth of value they provide.

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the one funnel away challenge this one challenge can I change his life this is exactly what we re gonna talk about in this video so stay tuned and let s dive into it so guys the question is that what really is the one funnel away challenge okay so one funnel away challenge is basically a 30 day challenge created by Russell Benson the CEO and the owner and the creator of Clickfunnels.

Okay know what really is this 30 day challenge and were to leave the ones who know everything the first time I heard this were like one finale will challenge what the is there but again this is basically a 30 day challenge in which Russell Brunson takes you by the hand in every step of the way in creating your first ever sales funnel also came so basically every single day you get this video training you get this membership area okay there are this video training uploaded every single day and get access to every

new video every single day their new components you go through these videos and at the end of the video some gives you some homework okay and that day you re supposed to complete that homework and if you don t do the homework we are probably going to stay behind all the others going along with you okay the thing that really really liked about the OFA challenge was that it gave us it gave me an opportunity to interact with like minded individuals okay now let s say I was

someone was interested in bodybuilding appearance and you are someone who is interested in bodybuilding as well know what if we were hanging out in communities in which people were talking about magic people are talking about playing games people are talking about playing basketball people were talking about playing football how would we actually feel we won t feel

associated with them okay there s nothing to be relatable to them okay but again in a different scenario let s say you and I we come across and we start talking we start interacting this is where the quantum effects comes in what happens is because we both have similar interest and we had like many individuals there is this quantum in fact that we start liking each other in theses layers where the networking happens networking is a backbone of any business whether it is physical business or in

some online virtual business okay you need to root networking the thing that I liked about the one fluid challenge was that it gave me an opportunity to interact with like many individuals basically people for enterpreneurs okay quite interested in making money online who are interested in building a business okay whether it is some physical product they re selling or some

digital product in form of a course or in form of any book this is where I fell in love with the one finale which is now is the one finale of a challenge for everyone obviously no it is not for everyone all sales pitch if you go and most people who will be pitching you for the wonderful challenge then will tell you that ok this is for every single one but for me it was not for everyone because the one phone I will challenge basically focus on creating your own products ok and if not having your own

product there having a gold mine okay you re having this cold mind but most of the people they are doing affiliate marketing although they do touch a bit about affiliate marketing in the course and in three days LS but it is not really about affiliate marketing we re in fluid marketing they teach about the concept of offer hacking okay the way the teach about the concept of offer hacking it is all based about if you re having your own product or if you re going to sell your own product you have the power on the sales page the order page okay you can link all of them as affiliate we don t have that power okay so this is basically not for anyone who is getting started with affiliate

marketing and if you ve wants to learn more about affiliate marketing it s not for you but in case you want to go ahead you will learn a ton of cool stuff you will learn a ton of cool stuff know what really that cool stuff is also there is one thing that you need to keep in mind and that you have to understand before I get started with it many people and even on the sales page they tell you about all of the awesome books and workbooks and MPC player they re going to send over to you but for me if you ask me they re not worth anything because all of that stuff and all of the all of the stuff that is worse the amount that you re paying which is yeah all the stuff that is worth hundred dollars is actually included inside a members area we had all those videos the book they talked about where all that stuff in the membership area as well okay the workbook you have it over there as well everything that you re going to get in a physical form you have all other in the membership area so if

you re thinking and if you re delaying it okay I m going to pay for it but when will I receive all that stuff and I m going to miss out on all the whole stuff we need not worry at all okay because everything that you need because including membership grade you go ahead and get it yes and also what really is the membership in it how did it look like let me take you into my members ESS so that you guys can see that what really are you going to learn yeah the first thing the first thing you ll come across is the Welcome video in which Russell Brunson it takes you and he tells you that but really are you going to get out of this course but really you re going to learn out of this course okay so there s the welcome medium the second thing since I ve gone to all these modules and I have gone to the day challenge I have all of these unlocked but when you start you on the first

day you ll get access to the first module okay you won t be seeing all of this stuff in the second day you will get it says to both of these okay this is how over the passage of time and with the passage of days you will get all of the school stuff you have to unlock it you actually have to do all the work one flow challenge for me it is really not a challenge nor it is a personal question kind of so but it is actually a mixture of both because basically Russell Johnson he gives you this challenge he teaches all the cool stuff okay and apart from that there is the aspect of the challenge yeah because you re challenging yourself to launch a business in the next days the moment you get started with it okay but on the other hand you get access to videos from defense fortune call okay he goes live in the Facebook we will get a senseless Facebook purpose well and once we re done with the one every challenge they remove the Facebook group and that

happened to me ago so I cannot show you what all the cool stuff that happens inside of it but laughs and he goes live so does Julie story and she is another great name okay here is one cerio s they go live and the teach about all the whole stuff so this is basically a blend of both coaching and challenge something like that okay this is what you need to know for it so now I m going to take you step by step that what really is this challenge about and what you can learn from it okay let s go to the white board of heroes and that s a really good name if you ask me yes so we will divide actually a nerd who divide presents himself headstand it so they have divided all the days into four weeks again the four weeks definitely doesn t look like a week but yeah the one two three and four so in the first week the first week it is all about actually it s the five week training it s not the first week let s create a zero

week as well yeah zero week there s no week but that is as Rubik okay so in the zero before in the first week it is all about your limiting beliefs that what do you believe that why isn t your business going to work and why it is going to work all the belief system that I should touch on yourselves why it should be consistent why you should be patient all that kind of stuff can so basically in the first week it is all about creating mindset and creating a belief system okay the first video you must believe the second video is about failures again why you must not be afraid of aliens wire failures the most important I learned from the failure section was that your failures they qualify you for your goals yeah if you re not failing there doesn t mean you not going to succeed but if you re failing that shows that you are trying and you re consistently trying there was one saying I don t know who said it but failing again and again that person he didn t said I ve failed a hundred times he used to say that I found ways that won t work okay so that is the belief system that you need to create failures you should be lagging failures if you re failing you should be happy that okay at least you re trying something at least work went for something the third mode you will ho not

the how it is all about that why you should not be the person who s doing all the stuff you be going for who can do it okay so let s say I ask Nana I don t know how to run Facebook ads so instead of learning all of their stuff I can go and get a person who knows how to do Facebook words yeah this is basically the think that the Thu in this module so the module for x secrets in this module they tell you how you can tennis with results and they also go through the speech response in Kiev at the x growth conference of brain card on that s pretty much it about it and model it is again what the beliefs is that s why you must believing in yourself yeah it doesn t listen to me if you don t believe in yourself how you re going to achieve things yeah if I m having an idea and I want to convince you to invest in that idea how can I convince you if I myself I do not believe in my idea then you have to certain work what you want in life you have to believe in what you want in life you have to believe that your idea and the product you are having this is the best thing in the

market I don t care what product you are having just believe in it just

believe in your goal to believe in narrative it okay to think that I m going to say the thing that s going to come out of my mouth the thing I m having right here in my hand thing that I am having on my cloud platform that s the best thing in the world believe in it because if you re not believing in it this is going to happen okay so that is pretty much it for the first week and this is actually the pro training and then the week week we actually for this shot the week it is all about the basic things that you need to know about selling online ok the offer hacking that how you could hack different kind of offers get them on Clickbank find the blue oceans and then get all that stuff James and then the world so man the thing that I learned in the comment section was that the same thing okay it is actually dunno whether the people spend more money for cm per expected in a different way a good example of that is that let s say I m having a book the audio version of the book cost more than the physical version okay there s one example with that again a new example that let s say I am having this old baked book or anything related to copyright it so I do I do I take that book and created into an audio version that is the same product but packaged in different way yes that is one of the cool concepts

of this training again the office sequence that how are you doing to sequence your offers okay how it will be sequence off what is going to be on the squeeze page we are doing to be on the sales page but what are you gonna include in the order bump and then finally how are we to structure your upsell oh yeah and then the e covers because you need to learn this you need to get your e commerce design because one of the major concepts in this training is that you know why Amazon doesn t have us here somehow you know you go over to Amazon and you buy a lot of things they don t have a sales message why don t they have a sales message because after all when you see a product over there you know that when you get it you re going to hold it in your hand you can visualize that how you re gonna feel when you hold it in your hand but for digital products ebooks courses membership sites how will the buyer know that how are you gonna feel after they get it okay so what that what you need to do you need to get ecommerce d mock ups okay a really good example to that is this evoke very curated from our an offer the nd type traffic sources there s more fatty upload strategy with which you upload the other stuff well guys as you can see this is

basically an e book but for the person who s seeing this he s going to build you like that okay this is the book this is going to feel like okay if I finally

printed it someday this is what it s going to be like you you make them visualize they think that s what EcoPOD is so important why you need to have all of that yeah that s it for this section and then in the fifth module you start creating your stuff can your offers the ebooks that you decide that you re going to include in your offers all those membership sites all those videos all those courses you start creating them there s models about that and then the week two it is about it is about the basic concepts of selling games publishing FF amp E brace the origin story how you re going to influence other person with help of your story because I am having a different story you re having a different story every single person out there they re having their own story and their own epiphanies enter on roadblocks and how did they overcame their struggles and what was the main thing that happened to them that s going to be the company and how their life changed okay there is the basic concept of the Epiphany bridge the original story and the

Hoboken the home or hook it s basically the concept hook story and offered the hook that what is going to be the thing that s going to catch the attention of the other person while he is rolling through his phone okay and then the story what is he going to create your sales message you copy all the copy that you re going to include in our sales page what is he going to read that is going to influence him enough to buy it from you okay and then the offer they give him to plate give them that okay you know what if you buy from me right now I m going to give you this they sent their stuff for X amount of value okay after that they give you to ketchup days that you pay if someone is left behind they can go ahead and take and do all the stuff because there is listen to me the e book creation in the course creation there is going to take a lot of time yeah that s gonna take a week or two by the end of the week you should have all that stuff ready so in third week you can just go ahead and you can just place all the pieces together and create a funnel okay so it really is a sheer final and the final strategy the core strategy is again going to be how are your pages are going to look like and then your share final clicks will share their own final the proven to convert funnels so you guys can just go and put in all little pieces of information and make it go live okay then this was a bonus

section I believe then the squeeze page how are you going to structure your squeeze page the landing pages are what your landing page they will get your email or any other kind of personal information of the client of the

prospect whoever is using the page we re going to get that what is that page is going to look like there s a squeeze page again and then the sales page what is the element adhere to put in your sales page that is going to make the person buy from you get enough that the audio page all the setting up these modules they re basically all about setting up your funnel okay these modules they re all about setting up a funnel then what is it opt in page going to look like that how is your sales page going to little how is what your page is going to look like these steps in these modules it is all about that and in the sixth module it s about the members area who are going to go ahead and are going to create the members area ok remembers ideas you can include all the elements that a boaster course is your video every single thing that you re offering to the person don t load over there but now you can see that why this challenge it is not for the affiliate marketers yeah why does not teach about a fluid Martin because this silence it is basically

based around selling your own products okay if you re not having your own product you can go with the challenge you can create it on product and if you re having your own product then you are in a gold and you can go ahead and you can just structure all that stuff together and you can sell your own product now by the end of week three all of your stuff all our pages they re done and there are you to launch in the week for it is all about getting traffic okay series I also train with our types of traffic and concept how are you going to earn your vein how are you going to buy your fame and her going to create all the traffic into traffic that you own it is all about that and that s it for it apart from that you get access to thyroid as an interview and this is basically the interviews of the people who have succeeded with the sales on also p m thank Joan this is a guy I know from Facebook ads and Steven Larson himself Julie s joy and all those kind of great people get it you white all these people in so this is basically what the one through a challenge is all about you learn a lot of cool stuff in there I have been there and I ve enjoyed a lot

again I cannot emphasize on one thing enough they think that I loved about the one for a little bit challenge was a networking opportunity to provide because when you join the one finish I don t you can go ahead and they have the secret Facebook group that you can go and you can join now in the Facebook group that reason why I like it so much is because all those people over there they re interacting all that and they re showing that okay this is what I created how does it apply all that kind of things they contribute to yourself your own growth whenever you re seeing all those people will you like to kill those people they re all like me they re all like this little guy over

here and if they can do it I can do it as well and it resonated like hey I will do it as well and then you start working a apart from that let s say with the people in there who are promoting fitness products you can go and you can start networking with them you can just talk to them and they can promote your product as well there s basically the concept of dream and later on you can do business with them as well okay that is all it is about the one from my chattiness all the hype that they appeared that would phenomenal this is the one fill of a giant it is basically a three day challenge in which take you by the hand every step of the way launching your own and very first CEO why are they offering all of them for such a low price guys for me if you ask me for all the stuff that offering in their one hundred dollars is not a lot yeah it is nothing compared to what they re offering in

there but the question is that why they re offering all of that okay the first reason is to make it affordable for all of the guys out there okay if it is affordable you guys can go and you guys can get it okay the second thing being the teach you all the cool stuff by building it through click fan outs so what they re doing they re actually a company who promotes click funnels their own software so basically they re marketing their own clicks no software but by providing immense amount of values there is all that it is to the one floor limits and there is all the hype they have for one flow chart the day silence all the cool stuff and think that is going to change your life is going to change your business yes it is going to change your life I ve seen a lot of people succeed with my roommates and the reason I m still struggling is because I had an issue with the traffic I have all new products created all my courses waited and very soon able to launch all of that stuff and just preparing for the war basically like you know before the war you take your bows and arrows and swords and you prepare yourself that you can go to war and I need all of this stuff for now I m having all my stuff created it s already created basically and now I am just focusing on getting all the swords and arrows in place before I mash towards a warzone and I get myself killed okay I m just waiting I m not going to get myself

killed I m going to succeed okay so that is all that is to monthly challenge Barry so I am going to upload a video regarding affiliate marketing how how you can go ahead and how you can create an affiliate funnel click one out teach a lot of stuff a lot of cool stuff on this channel for now that s it it s me as man you have any questions the comment section below asked me and I was definitely answer to us okay so no that s rich me Hasnain. Over and out!

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