How To Get Started And Make Money With Affiliate Marketing From Scratch As A Complete Beginner ?!

The most commonly asked question in the milky way..!

So Im gonna share with you a simple method that super affiliates have utilized to make millions of dollars with affiliate marketing.

It is probably one of the most simplest ways that you can get started to make money online.

so the very first thing is to identify a…



It is a market or a genre that you want to do affiliate marketing around, build your online business around and its ideal if it is something around an interest, a hobby or a passion that you have.

For example, let’s say that you have a passion for self-development or you have a passion for fitness or health or any guitar or a musical instrument.

It doesn’t matter what it is, first you got to identify what is that niche that you want to build your business around and then the next thing after that is you’re going to…


Build Your Platform 

There could be several different things about what this platform could be.

1) It could be a blog. Let’s say for example you identify fitness as our niche for affiliate marketing then what you can do is to start writing articles and create content on your blog related to your niche. 


2) It could be a YouTube channel. Honestly, I love YouTube as it’s one of the best platforms out there to really create content to attract people to you business in whatever niche or market it is.


It might be a podcast you have on iTunes or Google Play or Spotify. It could even be an Instagram account, a Facebook account, a Pinterest account or Twitter. There are a lot of different social media platforms that you could also leverage as well.


You can do all of them if you’d like but I recommend to identify one primary platform, one primary method that you’re going to create content on to attract the people in your niche that you want to build your business around.

The next thing after you’ve chosen your platform it is to ….


Find A Product

It can be a product or it could be a service as well but it has to be what is known as a commissionable product, which means you can make money from it because they have an affiliate program that you can join.

 Let’s take the example of Fitness, so let’s say you want to build your business around the fitness niche, you love it, you have a passion for it and then you find a product out there in form of a fitness course or fitness training program that has an affiliate program which you can promote.

In case they sell it for $100 and as per their affiliate program, they’ll pay you a fifty percent commission which is very common amongst most information product affiliate programs. So 50% of $100 that’s about 50 bucks.

It means $50 would be the commission that you can earn if you promote this product and then what you’re going to do is once you’ve identified the product that you want to promote and joined their affiliate program.

Then you hop over to your platform, your blog, YouTube, podcasts or whatever it is and then you….


Start Creating Content

affiliate marketing with youtube

Articles, YouTube videos, podcast episodes…

Here’s the key… you want to make this content relevant to this product that you’re going to promote.


Product Reviews

So for example let’s say this piece of content is a blog post or a video is a review, where you’re doing an in-depth article or a video reviewing this product, sharing your experience with this product….. How it has helped you to maybe lose fat, how it’s giving you more energy, the pros and the cons. An honest review of this product and in the review you can then share your affiliate link of this product.

So if people are actually interested in learning more about it that will send people to your affiliated product. 

So when people find this review on your blog through Google, through search engine optimization or on YouTube.

Let’s say they enjoy it they click the link to go to the product page and they buy it.

You earn a fifty percent commission just like that, now of course you don’t want to just have one piece of content you want to create multiple pieces of content.

You can also do a comparison because a lot of people might be searching for this product online but they want to know other people’s experiences with it they want to see how it compares to the other products out there on the market, so you could create a piece of content of you comparing this course with maybe the other courses that are out there and how it stacks up the pros and benefits and the cons of each.

The way you’re adding value to people that are interested in it and maybe they’re gonna end up deciding to buy it through your affiliate link.


Interview The Product Creator

Another piece of content you can create is known as a interview. You basically reach out to the creator of this course or one of the trainers of it.

You say “Hey listen !! I’d love to interview you on my youtube channel / on my podcast or I’d love to send you a series of questions and you can email back your response and I can create a blog post of what your answers are to the most common questions”.

Here what you’re doing is you’re creating more content that’s now relevant to this course and product and at the end of it you have your affiliate link so that people can click on and when they click on the link it automatically tracks things because it places a cookie on their computer usually up to 30 days some up to 90 days that if they buy through that link within that period of time. You earn another commission on that sale.

Now there are many different other types of content you can create. In fact let’s say you reach out to this program and you say “Hey I’d love to interview some of your most successful students and your success stories”.

You put that on your blog or on your YouTube channel or podcast so you can interview people that have been through the course and feature that and again further promote this product.

You can then create other content that might not be totally centered around this product but it’s still centered around what this product solves and what it’s about.

Let’s say you decide to create articles or videos around fat loss and you optimize that in Google or YouTube. If it’s a valuable piece of content people consume it and then at the end of this you mention “Hey if you want to learn more about how to lose weight there’s a great program that I recommend and I’ve been through it. There’s plenty of success stories around it and I think you’d benefit from it. If you’re interested in checking it out here’s a link that you can click on to learn more”

You can put your affiliate link in this piece of content and it again funnels into this product and same thing goes with the success stories. Maybe you do one on diet, you share some useful information about dieting, certain strategies around that and again you promote it in the search engines or you market it a little bit through different platforms. People find it, they receive benefit and value from it and then you link to the product at the end and say “You know what if those of you that are interested in learning more here’s a great program that I can recommend to you”.

So there’s many different forms of this, you can create as many pieces of content as you like. In fact the more the better guys, the more content then the more successful you’re gonna be because the way I look at content is sometimes not every piece of content is gonna get found or consumed but the more you put out there the higher the chances are.



How To Do Affiliate Marketing – The Right Way

I always use the example of just throwing against the wall and see what sticks because sometimes you have a piece of content that blows up and goes viral but the key here is making it relevant to the product.

People try to do affiliate marketing but they’re trying to promote so many different products. It’s not an effective strategy, it’s best to identify what’s the one core product or service that you can funnel people into, that you want to support, that you want to endorse, that has a great affiliate program and that can benefit others.

It actually has to be a great quality program. That’s why I do recommend you go through it, to be able to create the content and share your story, your experience and be open, be relatable to other people because people will connect with that story.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to affiliate marketing. You could go research on Google, on YouTube and there are certain software’s and tools you can use to research and identify what are people searching for. That gives you ideas to create content that you can funnel into this.


Advance Affiliate Marketing 

Lets take things a step further. This is the simplest way and I will mention this.

I love a blog, a YouTube channel or a podcast because once you create the content its evergreen it’s there forever which means that people can then organically find it and it could be a passive stream of income for you because I believe every piece of content you create is like a seed that you’re planting in the ground and and the more seeds you plant the more is gonna grow. Some not all of those seeds will sprout, some of them won’t sprout but some of them will grow into massive trees that are producing fruit – producing results for you in a consistent basis.

To care about people you have to care about their needs and their problems and genuinely want to serve them and be honest with them the authentic to really help them. I never ever create anything that is not going to benefit people. I never promote anything that I don’t think can really change people’s lives and benefit them and when you have that passion for something and you care about others that comes through in the content that you’re creating.

People can tell, they can feel that and it’s a demonstration that when you’re just giving and adding value, people feel that and when they receive the benefit that you’re providing they’re gonna be more likely to check out what you do have to offer.


The Method – Secret Sauce


Now if you want to take things further here’s what I recommend.

You don’t just funnel people from your content to the product, you actually funnel them from the content to something else that will add further value to them in return of their email. Lets say an E-Book or Video Training.

So to get them on an email list, at the end of your content you’re gonna mention something of value that you are gonna give them and they can get it for free by opting into your email list. Putting in their name and email.

For example let’s say you’ve got this Fitness website and YouTube channel, you mentioned at the end of your content “Listen!! if you’re interested in more more help – to really master your fitness, to lose weight, to gain muscle. Whatever the goal is. I’ve created a great E-Book for you or I’ve created a video training series or I created this workout plan or a diet plan”.

Whatever it is, there are many ideas you can create but you offer that to them for free. So now you’re providing more great content and more value to them but the key here is that they have to put in their name and email to get it because when you have people on your email list then it becomes actually a lot easier to do affiliate marketing because once they’re on the list.

You have all this other content they might have never discovered before. Maybe they found you through this interview but they haven’t seen all other content you have and the might not ever see it. So if they’re on your list you can actually send out a series of emails.

They opt in to your email list and you send them an email here reaching out to them you say “Hey listen!!! thank you so much I hope you enjoyed this free E-book, this free guide that I provided for you. If you want to learn more about fat loss and you know how to achieve your goals then here’s a great program that can help you”. So you link to this with your affiliate link in the email

Then in the next email you say “Hey listen I’ve got this great review that I did. I shared my opinion, my experience with it and the pros and cons of that program that I shared with you and I wanted to mention that here for you and if you’re interested in checking out and learning more then check it out”. You can here link it to your review article or video that you made.


Again you send another email two days later and you say “Hey listen here are some great success stories. Did you check out that product that I shared with you? I know you know maybe you’re not familiar with it yet you want more information but I thought I’d share with you some success stories of people that have been through it and benefited so you can learn and determine if it’s a good fit for you”. So here you send that email out, provide that content but again you’re linking to this product.

Now you have a whole series of emails where you’re building a relationship, you’re providing more value and you’re building the relationship with them because not everyone’s gonna buy something the first time they see it.

Most people aren’t gonna buy the first time they’ve got to see your product. You send them emails again and again that they’ve got to know the success stories and more additional information. So when you get them on the email list that gives you that opportunity to follow up.



Importance Of Follow Up – Relationship Building

The fortune is in the follow up. Remember that!!!

To follow up with people and it might take seven emails in some cases, where you’re you know reminding them “Hey did you get a chance to check it out yet I know you’re busy right now but I wanted to share this information here about the mindset”.

Provide value and that’s how a relationship is formed. A relationship is not formed on the first date sometimes, you got to go on multiple dates to build that relationship, to build the trust and for them to check out if you are right one.

NOW because you have them on the list what you can do is find more products that can be off value to them and promote that one as well through a series of email. If they don’t buy the first one, dont worry because now you can also mention the other product product and share this with them and it gives you the ability to now make more money on the backend over a period of time. So you’re increasing the long-term value of a customer. 


Bonus Content – DONT MISS THIS!!

Another strategy!!

Now what you do is you have these products that you are promoting and you’re making great commission from it.

If you want to further scale this up and you want to increase conversions.

What you would want to do is to build a stack of valued based stuff related to the niche and which is more in the favor of the customer. Sp you want to create a good offer, something greater than that they’re actually paying.

You create a bonus. A bonus could be anything that is valuable so maybe for example this training program you’re promoting you decide to create a bonus ebook or a video training on fitness. You create a little bonus that you mentioned to them that if they are interested in checking out this product and they decide to buy it through your affiliate link then they will get this great bonus that you would love to give them them for free.

So not only are they getting this product but you will also send them your free ebook “My free recipe plan”.

For this to happen mention in your article or your video or whatever the content it.

” To get this all you’ve got to do is just sign up through my affiliate link and forward the receipt to me so I can verify that you did in fact purchase it under me. Then I’ll be happy to send you this free bonus at no extra cost”.

So now the consumer is getting more value which is always the key.

That’s a simple way to now get more people that will sign up and buy it because you’re giving them more. It becomes a no-brainer for them because it’s like “Wow you know I’m getting this and I’m getting all this other great stuff”.

It becomes an irresistible offer.

That’s how you can get started with affiliate marketing from scratch.

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