Introducing Parallel Profits - Who Else Wants To Make $100,000/Year In Profit On Auto-Pilot? Without Any Experience In The Internet Marketing Niche?

Parallel Profit Review 2019

Are You Here For Parallel Profits? You Want Some Review?

Let me make it clear at the very start!

This is not some review article because all those reviews out there do not address the real problem!

Rather, Just do the nerdy talk about stats and facts.

Which is of no use until or unless the “Why..” and “How..” of the target product and the problems it solves are addressed.

So in this evaluation article, lets just focus on the issues that you face when starting out to make money online and how this system helps solving those.

Eventually making it very easy to building your own first business and start making money online.


Why Am I Calling Parallel Profits A System? Isnt It Some Sort Of Course Or A Set Of Tools?

Parallel Profits is a system that makes you a franchisee of it and with it you get access to all the other stuff that eliminates all the road blocks you face when building a business.

Keeping it much short and easier for you to understand, this system is all about making up-to $100,000/year by providing services to local businesses.


That is where the fun begins. You get everything in this system to DESTROY all the roadblocks and keep it fully AUTOMATED.


What Are The Road-Blocks? And How Does It Helps You Bypass Them?

Lets Just Start Step By Step and Discuss Every Problem And Its Solution!


Now when it comes to making money online, the very first problem people encounter is to set up a website, which includes buying a domain and hosting, then setting it all up.

Which is all a mess.

After all that is done, the BIGGEST issue that arises is branding.

Listen! Branding is the most important aspect of any business. Branding is what makes a shirt made by some local company sell around $12 and the very same shirt with a tag of Levis sell for $40, or you may say 3x at a higher price.

Branding is what makes a iPhone sell for $1000 when a phone with more features but of a local company sells for $250. That is where the difference lies.

When you are building a business, branding is the main element that crafts a bright future for your product or company.


It is the most difficult thing to do. It takes months and years to build a brand image and get it out there for the people to know about your company and start trusting you.

When trust is established, anything can be sold.

Lets Be Honest Guys!

If you are just starting out with no experience in the Internet marketing niche, and you plan to go out there and make money providing services to local businesses.

It becomes very difficult for you to do without a brand image, because the very first question you will be asked is “Who Are You? Why Should We Trust You?”.

That is where the branding comes in. If you have a good brand image, you will just go ahead and score the client.

Otherwise, you are going to be paid less and the chances of getting a client reduces dramatically.

 – Solution Of Problem#1

Now I want you all to look at it like as if in one scenario you are setting up your own restaurant, doing all the marketing yourself, building you brand image all by yourself and as months and years pass you then start making some good profits. The problem here is, the hard work, the money and the time it takes for the profits to run in. Which is also not guaranteed.


Another scenario, You get a franchise of McDonald’s, all the staff is trained by the McDonald’s, all the marketing is also done by them and lastly your restaurant is a branch of McDonald’s in your city.

Just imagine… that how quick customers are going to start rolling in and how quick you are going to start making money.

The difference is…

That in the second scenario, you never have to worry about the branding. People know what McDonald’s is, and they trust it. Just by using the brand’s name, you are making heaps of money!


Why Does It Have To Do With Parallel Profits? Is That Example Even Relatable?

Yes It Is! What If I Tell You That This Is How Parallel Profits Work? Sounds Crazy?

Well! When you become a part of Parallel Profits you will be able to work as a franchisee. Remember that McDonald’s example? That is where you have all the benefits.

As a part of Parallel Profits you do not have to worry about branding, as it is already done.

Moreover, you do not need to worry about the Marketing stuff and Copywriting because you will already be provided with all the stuff so that you can go ahead and jump start your business and start getting clients.


Now once the business is all set to go and take the world apart. Once you have done all the work and now its time to launch it.

Life happens..

What Do I Mean By That? Its Time To Get Some Customers! CLIENTS!

Here the Sales part or the Lead-Generation part comes.

No matter where you start and what business you are running. Whether it is Real Estate or running a gym. No matter at what point of business you are. You always need customers and more clients to make more money.

When it comes to making money online, this initial stage of any business model is crucial and it is where 90% of the business fail.

Just think about it… you have done all the work, poured in all the money, all your effort and especially all the time that you have sacrificed.


You fail to get any clients or make any sale. 

Now since we are talking about providing simple services to local business, some of you may think “Okay! I can go and reach out to businesses myself, not a problem”.


If you are willing to spend you entire day visiting local businesses and pitching them to buy your services and you are confident enough to do all that.

I would be not surprised to see the rejections that you will face because that is a part of marketing. Failures are a part of business, but many people loose hope at that point.

Apart from that another problem people face is that they face difficulty having face-to-face interaction with clients and selling services. That is due to lack of confidence and people like you and even me are afraid to do that at some point.

Its sucks..

Listen Guys! You may have the best product or the best service in the world, but if you do not know how to sell it. That is of no use.

 – Solution Of Problem#2

These days everything has been automated from sending emails to delivery of physical products.

From voting to outsourcing stuff online. Everything is getting automated apart from building businesses.

Businesses are build the same old school way as they used to.

Right? WRONG!

With Internet in your arsenal, it has never been the same. I bet you all know about E-Commerce, don’t you think that its a revolutionary business model?

I mean you no longer need to spend millions of dollars building shops, hiring staff and physically acquiring the customers. Firstly, you do not need any staff.

Apart from that, its all automated.

Now since we were talking about getting clients and making sales.

In the above example of E-Commerce, focus on the “Acquiring the Customers” part. I’ll show you how that relates to your problem and the solution Parallel Profits bring for you.

For E-Commerce or any other business model online, its relatively easy to get sales, as they can just go and do Facebook Ads or any other sort of advertisements.

Why Is That So? They sell low or average priced products. There is a ton of market for them and the audience they market to are potential buyers.


Since we are analyzing the business model that Parallel Profits teaches us – Selling Services To Local Businesses. REMEMBER! These services are HIGHLY PRICED services.

If I say it in simpler words, with Parallel Profits you only need 7 Sales to reach $100,000/year in Profits.

Now the point to note here is that whether it is some high ticket product or service. Its always difficult to find potential Buyers OR Clients, what is even more difficult is to make them say YES!


Parallel Profits has its own solution for it, and actually a good news for you. 

They have built in Lead-Generation system that acquires lead for you, and those of potential buyers! Am I kidding? Not really.

Not only this..

Parallel Profit also has processes in place to deal with the selling part.

What That Means Is

Automation! You do not have to go out looking for clients, you do not have to do the selling part, you do not have to face rejections, its all automated.

You simply get leads and potential buyers OR clients straight away!


So far..

Lets say, that you setup everything then you are able to get clients as well.

Now the problem that arises is..

How Are You Going To Provide Them Services? Are You Going To Outsource Someone? OR You Are Going To Build Your Own Team?

Lets just suppose.

That one of the service you provide them is managing their social media accounts and growing their online presence.

Obviously, It is not a one man task. I mean even if you try to do it all alone and be the One Man Army, you cannot.

Doing it all by yourself will be the dumbest thing to do if you have more than ONE client

I will be realistic at this point. If you have only one client and you have the skills of content creation and you know how Social Media Marketing works, then you can definitely do it all alone.

Rest assured, you will be spending 5 – 6 hours every single day creating content and I am not sure how you will be managing time for the marketing campaigns. Yet, lets just keep our hopes high, believe that you CAN!


What Happens When The Number Of Clients increases? Hell Breaks Loose!

With more than one clients to deal with it is impossible to do it all alone.

Managing their social medias, creating content and doing marketing.


What Happens When You Are Offering 7 Services?


Lets just stick to one service for now. Now lets suppose that you are dealing with more than one or two clients, and now you need someone to do some work and help you in it.

What Are Your Going To Do?

Hire people and build your own team? That is going to cost you thousands of dollars every single month.

[Note] If you have a budget and you can pay thousands of dollars every single month. Its all up-to you, but what if I have a better option for you? Keep reading.

So What Else Can You Do?

Outsource the work to people on a number of online networks providing their services? Well that is what a lot of people out there a doing.


The problem with that is that you are never sure of how professional the person is and that if he or she will actually be doing all the work in time.

And again this comes with its expenses.

Okay so lets assume that some of you can do all these expenses, but what about someone who is just starting out?


Someone who has no experience and doesn’t know shit about internet marketing, and has no idea how to create quality content and do marketing? What about that?

 – Solution Of Problem#3

I want you to just take a deep breath and close your eyes.

As your eyes are closed, I want you to imagine a business. A business you own. Where you do not pay any of the staff, but a staff of professional individuals is there, doing all your work.

Everything your clients want, everything from getting clients to doing the promised services. Its all being done automatically. On complete automation.

*SNAP* Stop daydreaming

With Parallel Profits Its a reality now!

The thing that actually made me write all this for you to read was this massive perk that Parallel Profits offer.

When you become a part of Parallel Profits, you do not have to worry about the fact who will do all those services that you are going to offer to local businesses OR your clients.


You will be assigned a who will be doing all the services for your clients so the need of outsourcing or hiring someone for all of this just fades away.

That too without any additional costs.

I believe that so far I have covered all the problems that people face when starting out with making money online with such a business model and that how Parallel Profits provides solutions of those problems.



Before You Decide To Pay And Be A Part Of Parallel Profits!

I Want You To Be Really Sure If It Is Best For You 


If It Is What You Are Looking For. 


Before Making Any Final Decision.

Reach Out To Us On Facebook Messenger By Clicking The Button Below.

If You Want To Buy Parallel Profits OR If You Have Any Other Questions About Parallel Profits OR If You Want To Make Sure That If Parallel Profits Is The Perfect Fit For You!

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