How To Capture Real Estate Leads For Free In Clickfunnels.

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In this video Ill show you how this simple Clickfunnels real estate funnel will help you generate leads for your real estate business.

A lot of people have a question that how does clickfunnel works when it comes to real estate lead generation with clickfunnels.

You may look at it some rocket science, but in reality. A simple clickfunnels lead magnet funnel is as good for local business lead generation, as it is for internet based digital products.

When it comes to lead generation with clickfunnels for real estate. You need simple but targeted information of the person who is coming onto your clickfunnels lead funnel.

Once you have the information, you can just go ahead and call the prospect and pitch them something.

Clickfunnels hosting and clickfunnels leads make it even more easier for you to host your lead capture pages on clickfunnels own hosted server.

List of platforms you must be targeting for generating leads with your clickfunnels lead funnel

– LinkedIn

– Instagram

– Pinterest

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