[Analysis] The 5 Best Hosting Platforms For WordPress

[Analysis] The 5 Best Hosting Platforms For WordPress

[SPOILER] This Is Going To Be The Last Analysis You Will Ever Need To Read Before Selecting Your Website’s Hosting Platform


Choosing The Right Hosting Platform

I am pretty sure almost all of you must have Googled at some point in your life “The 5 Best Hosting Platforms For WordPress” or “Top 5 Web Hosting Companies”

Maybe that’s what you were searching for when you saw this page and now you are here – reading this.

Have you ever gone through the pages that are listed and noticed something.

Every single article out there presents a list of the “Best website hosting platforms” without any concern to what you guys need and what should be the best option for you to go for

Just think for a while

How can there be 5 Best Products? I mean there is only ONE Best! That out numbers all others

What Do I Mean?

There are different types of hosting or different hosting packages when it comes to website hosting.

And all types cannot be suitable for everyone.

Now the issue is that not all of you are on the same level in terms of needs.

Some of you are just starting out and maybe want to just build a blog, requiring a cheaper website hosting platform


Some of you maybe running companies and require a more advanced website hosting platform

It would be dumb for someone to buy a gallon of water when he only needs a litre

Good example? HELL YEAH!!


The choice of your website hosting platform or package directly depends upon your NEEDS and what is THE BEST FIT for you.

More Importantly! What Can You Afford?!

I mean if I am going through a list of website hosting platforms that charge $200/Year and you are a teenager who has just $50 – $100 as a startup amount.

It will be unfair and of No Real Use To You!


If you own a big business and I go through a list of the cheap web hosting companies or packages that are too limited for the size of your business.

You guys will call it BS and leave!

See! Different packages are perfect for different people in different scenarios. Thus, can not be generalized


There are few things that all of you should be keeping in mind when it comes to selecting the appropriate package and platform for you.

Let me make a few things clear before we go further into this case study.

Firstly, the metrics related to different hosting platforms that I am going to discuss next are not going to affect everyone, because everyone has a different reason to make a website

For Example – Website Load Time

Let’s say that you are making website to target a specific niche that is saturated and has high competition.

In such scenario you will be needing a platform that has a lower load time, obviously to improve website load time and indirectly decrease bounce rate that directly affects your Ranking In Google.


In another scenario you are building a website around a niche that is not that saturated OR you are just starting a nature blog or something of that sort, then you don’t need a very high priced hosting package.

A cheaper one will do just as good as the most expensive website hosting package in the world

[Golden Nugget] No Matter Which Hosting Platform You Are Using, You Can Stiff Improve Your Website Load Time Using WordPress Plugins Like W3 Total Cache

Now Give Yourself A Pat, If You Have Understood It So Far


I wanted to keep this part short and make it as much easier for you as I can, that’s why I made a little road map of the things you need to do when choosing a website hosting package.

Here it is..

Rookies Guide For Choosing A Hosting Platform - 1

Once you are done with that and now you know what you want

All those features and all that stuff that is going to be the building blocks of your IDEAL HOSTING PLAN

Then comes the next step

Listen! I know that with hundreds of hosting providers out there

It is really difficult to choose the right one

Some may vary in price range AND some may offer something better

It’s all complete BS if I tell you to go for anyone


As I mentioned for the hosting plans before, another thing that matters is

Which Hosting Platform?

The reason I am talking about these as two different things is due to the diversity existing in the marketplace

I want you to look at it like this

You go and buy a good quality shirt from any local retailer at a good price


You go and buy a shirt of somehow same quality at XYZ brand shop

The different that arises is of the branding, different companies may charge different prices for same products or plans

Or you may say hosting plans


What I have done is that I have chosen three WordPress hosting platforms for the appropriate scenario OR the appropriate needs

What I mean by that is..

Simpler and cheaper hosting plans and platforms for those who are just starting out aka Beginners


Those who are short on budget and are looking for a cheap website hosting service


Advanced and more expensive platform and associated plans for big companies that are going to face potential growth and need a hosting platform that can cater their needs

And also

For local businesses or medium sized companies that are looking for a good hosting plan on a medium budget.


I have distributed the three chosen hosting platforms and associated plans as per the requirement of you guys and I have titled them as per the target audience by the titles

  • For Beginners – Low Cost Website Hosting Platform.
  • For Growing Companies and Local Businesses- Medium Budget Website Hosting Platform.
  • For Big Companies – Growth Targeted And Scalable Website Hosting Platform

So let’s see what are the ideal website hosting platforms that I recommend to you guys

For Beginners - Low Cost Website Hosting Platform

Now the issue that I faced when I was starting out was that I had limited money to invest

And I didn’t know shit about hosting and domains

If you feel like you do not know what to go for and which plan to choose

Take a deep breath

I have two different platforms for you that are just the perfect fit for your requirements and especially your scenario.

Now before I get started with the first one, I want to make one thing very clear – If You DO NOT Feel That These Suggested Website Hosting Platforms Do Not Meet Your Criteria


Do Not Go For Any Of Them! Choose Something That Does.

So now let’s start with first one


Never heard of it on any other “Review Article”? Well that because referring it doesn’t pay that much to the marketer

So you rarely find it in any of those articles.

NameCheap is one of the cheapest hosting platform out there. That offers Managed WordPress Hosting at as low as $3.88 per month with first month at only $1.00.

The reason I am recommending this to you is because I have used it to host a couple of websites previously and never had any problem.

The pricing is exceptional – I used this when I made my first website because it is easy to use and more importantly it offers cheap managed WordPress hosting.

Here is a snapshot of the pricing page:-



The problem that arises with NameCheap is the limiting factor, in terms of visitors per month as well as the SSD storage.

Upgrading is one option for you, but for starters I believe EasyWP Starter is the best option.


We still have a second option, which has better hosting plans in terms of the package being offered.

What Is the Second Option?

It is…

A2 Hosting

The reason I brought this second option is because it has better hosting plans overall

The limiting factors in NameCheap Hosting Plans are the Unlimited factors in A2 Hosting Plans at just few additional bucks.

Here is a snapshot of the pricing list of A2 Hosting


I would certainly recommend the Lite Plan as it has almost everything that a beginner or a startup business would need.

At a very nominal fee.

If you are looking for a cheap web hosting plan and if you are just starting out.

The two WordPress hosting platforms I mentioned above are the perfect fit for you.

Here are some of the user testimonials and you can also find more by going to their website.


“A2 Hosting has been so helpful and accommodating. I am new to blogging and have already messed up more than once. Their customer service is on point, and they have fixed everything for me in a very…”
— Kasey B. January 22, 2019
“Almost a week into using A2 hosting and I’m extremely impressed. After migrating a couple of our client’s sites to A2 there is an incredible decrease in loading times (we did purchase the additional…”
— Jeremy C. January 15, 2019


Overall A2 Hosting is a good option package wise and is good to go for.


Since you guys are limited on money, I would always tell you guys to go for NameCheap ….But If you can afford spending a couple of extra bucks.

Then A2 Website Hosting is a very good option.

I recommend you to go to the chosen website hosting provider’s website for the updated pricing.

For Growing Companies and Local Businesses - Medium Budget Website Hosting Platform

When you are running a business that is in its growth phase

Whether it is a company, a brand or any local business

The growth stage is the most important and crucial stage, and it needs a push in the right direction to flourish

That is where marketing comes in..

The old school marketing tactics do not work anymore, going banging on doors to get leads.. Even if they do.. The costs are high

We live in 21st century, everything has got digitalized


So does the ways of marketing.

When it comes to marketing online, no matter what business you are running.

A website is a must, its the face of your business, it shows authority, establishes trust and creates awareness about your business

So… not getting diverted from the topic

The hosting platform I recommend for growing companies and local businesses is


HostGator is one of the oldest companies in the market selling hosting services. They have aced their way through the competition by incorporating important elements in their hosting services.

Why Am I Telling You All This?

Because their plans contains tons of elements that are vital for a business website to grow.

Before I start analyzing it in terms of growth, here is a snapshot of its pricing table.

As you have already seen, it has pretty much a lot to offer.

But Why Did I Choose HostGator For Growing Companies And Local Businesses?


When you are making a business website you need to make sure that you keep a backup of your website.

You never know what goes wrong and your website breaks, so you need to have a secure backup of your website.

Otherwise, all your hard work is *BOOM* gone… And HostGator provides Automated Data Backups, which is a life-saver for your website, in case something bad happens.


It offers $100 worth of Google Adwords Credit and this is the biggest reason I recommend it to growing companies and local businesses


It gives you enough free credits to test different things when it comes to paid advertising, with no additional costs.

Which means you do not have to waste your own money during the testing phase.

Once you got the right thing, then start pouring money in and watch it multiply.

Apart from this, exceptional allowance of monthly traffic size and automatic malware removal

I might be sounding like Alexa telling you all the facts and figures but you should know all of these before choosing HostGator as your hosting provider.

Visit HostGator’s pricing page through the link below to get the updated prices of hosting plans.

So you own a big company? You have thousands of customers? And there are yet more to come?

Then why the hell you do not have a website by now?

In this era when someone reads or listens about some company, they search for it in google first.


They go to the associated website to see what the business is all about and what are they going to get if they join you.


There is still time to create your online presence.

I know you might be thinking “I do not need a website, I have social media presence, I have an audience, Websites are old school”

And let me make this very clear, regardless of how much your social presence is. When someone wants to partner with you or buy from you or he plans to do anything about business.

He is going to go and check your website first.

Unconsciously, we all think that if a business doesn’t have a website. It is not worth it.

It may be harsh, but it is a reality.


Coming back to the topic, you can still go ahead and make a website.

Now when it comes to businesses with a large customer base and those businesses that growing on steroids.

When making a website, the hosting plan and the platform you choose should be exceptional, including elements like:

  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Less Load Time
  • SEO Tools
  • Payment Processor Integrations
  • Privacy Protection
  • Website Backup
  • Live Chat Support

And Many more…

The reason you need this is because you do not want to be left alone in center of a Sahara of BS, when there are hundred thousands visitors coming to your website


It goes down… Loss of money, Loss of customer satisfaction and Eventually loss of authority.


So when it comes to this type of scenario, the ONLY website hosting platform that I can see is Bluehost’s Managed WordPress Hosting.

Here is a snapshot of the pricing table of Bluehost’s Managed WordPress Hosting Plans.

As you can see, the stuff they offer is complete advanced and it is built for businesses.

The reason I did not recommend Bluehost to beginners and medium sized businesses is because of its costs and some other elements that are not required at that level.


You can check the latest pricing of Bluehost Managed Web Hosting Plans by going to the link below


I can not emphasize on this any further that do not go for some XYZ cheap hosting service and plan when it comes to a business with big customer base.

Just do not risk anything when it comes to your business.


I guess I am done with this analysis for now and I hope this helps you in choosing the right WordPress hosting service for your website.

That’s all for now.

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